Editing a Schedule

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A schedule is a reusable time template that can control things such as when a door is unlocked or when a device is activated. A schedule is also used for access privileges with User Groups.

A holiday is a period of time during which a schedule is overridden instead of following its normal time block.


The following Administrator permissions are required to edit a schedule:

  • View schedules
  • Create and edit schedules

Steps to Create a Schedule

  1. Navigate to the Schedules tab under Configuration
  2. Click the view button on the schedule you wish to edit
  3. Blocks can be moved by dragging and dropping into the same day or another day
  1. Blocks can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the bottom edge of the block
  1. If you prefer to view the time blocks in a list view, click the list view button
  1. To update the group that will enable this schedule, choose one from the enabling group dropdown
  2. To update the holidays associated with this schedule, choose one from the dropdown or remove ones already added.
  3. Add or remove exceptions as desired under the schedule exceptions section
  4. Click the save button when you are done editing

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Creating a Schedule