How to use faceprint credentials

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How to use faceprint credentials

Best practices for faceprint credentials:

  • no hat 
  • no sunglasses 
  • no mask
  • If hair is long, it should not obstruct the face

Potential causes for failure:

  • A poor photo on file
  • Dramatic change in a person's current appearance as compared to the photo on file
  • Obscuring the face with sunglasses, a mask, or a hat
  • Poor lighting or strong backlighting at the Brivo Door Station
  1. A user with an approved faceprint credential should approach the Brivo Door Station directly (not from the sides), stop roughly 3-4 feet from the Brivo Door Station, and present their face to the camera
  2. If the Brivo Door Station is mounted to the wall using the included wedge, a face can be scanned from heights up to 6 foot 3 inches. Anyone taller than 6'3" may need to lower their face into the viewing area of the camera on the Brivo Door Station.
  3. When the user approaches the Brivo Door Station, the unit will flash a series of default LED indicators with the following meanings:
    1. Blinking yellow - Tracking a face
    2. Flash green - Faceprint credential recognized
    3. Solid green - Door unlocks
    4. Solid Red - Denied access (default)

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