Creating a Schedule

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A schedule is a reusable time template that can control things such as when a door is unlocked or when a device is activated. A schedule is also used for access privileges with User Groups.

A holiday is a period of time during which a schedule is overridden instead of following its normal time block.


The following Administrator permissions are required to create a schedule:

  • View schedules
  • Create and edit schedules

Steps to Create a Schedule

  1. Navigate to the Schedules tab under Configuration
  2. Click the Create Schedule button
  3. Name the schedule
  1. Choose the days when this schedule will be active
  1. For each day chosen create time blocks by entering or choosing a time
  1. To add more time blocks per day, click the plus sign on the right
  1. To copy time blocks:
    1. For weekdays: click on the copy Monday to Friday button
    2. For the entire week: click on the copy Mon to Sunday button
  1. Click next to continue
  2. Choose whether this schedule will be used universally or for a specific site
    1. If this schedule is to be used with an enabling group then a site must be chosen
  1. Turn on holidays if any are to be observed, then choose them from the dropdown
  1. Turn on exceptions if any are to be observed, then create them
  1. Once done, click Save and review the schedule for accuracy

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