Brivo Smart Home Firmware Release Notes

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Brivo Smart Home Firmware Release Notes

Brivo Smart Home Firmware Release 1.7.18

March 15, 2024

This firmware release adds support for AWS IoT as the MQTT broker, and includes improvements communication with the portal.

-Update_destination command allows admins to change the broker.

-Adds new topics so that portal can have more subscribe options.

-Improves failover startup process.

-Code scheduler logging is reduced.

-Reduced logging for failover.

Brivo Smart Home Firmware Release 1.7.14

October 30, 2023

-Improves code scheduler startup and reduces the likelihood of code scheduler generating error 106.

-Improves the upgrade process by removing unnecessary packages associated with the old version of sound meter.

-Corrects a problem related to getting the current time on Jessie systems. This would cause upgrades to fail in some cases.

Brivo Smart Home Firmware Release 1.7.13

October 4, 2023

-Yale master code will not be erased when more than 250 user codes are added.

-Code scheduler race condition during push has been resolved.

-Code scheduler database can now be reset from the portal.

Brivo Smart Home Firmware Release 1.7.10

August 30, 2023

-Patch release to resolve a Kwikset lock-up bug and to improve code scheduler error handling.

Brivo Smart Home Firmware Release

March 22, 2023

-Patch release to address a corner case where set lock codes are not parsed correctly by the code scheduler on the gateway if a start and end date is set for a scheduled access.

Brivo Smart Home Firmware Release 1.7.1

March 8, 2023

-Enable NTP time syncing

-Decrease time it takes to switch NTP servers from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.

-Fix for scenario where IPv4 fails to acquire an IP address

-Aeotec Water Sensor fix

-Code scheduler enhancements

Brivo Smart Home Firmware Release 1.7.0

February 2023

-MQTT Keep Alive feature ensures that the connection between the MQTT client and MQTT broker is still open and both the parties of aware of the connection status. Keep alive time from 1 to 5 seconds.

-Cell modems are interchangeable allowing SIM cards to be seamlessly swapped.

-Code scheduler will start automatically after an upgrade.

-The amount of time it takes for code scheduler to run after initial install is being decreased.

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