Gateway Install Tips

Gateway Install Tips

Follow these tips to ensure the best possible performance from your Gateway:

  • When possible, the Gateway and Z-wave device should be within six feet of one another when adding a device to ensure a proper connection occurs. Once the portal shows that it has found a device, we don't recommend you immediately run off to install it or just power it down either because you may run into issues. During connection, some time needs to be given for the communication process to occur for the two devices to properly link. The necessary time for this to occur is different based on the type of device, but it is typically very quick for lighting modules, but up to several minutes for thermostats and door locks.
  • Position the Gateway as close as possible to connected devices. Farther distances means the Gateway is prone to more interference. 
  • Have a clear line of sight between your Gateway and Z-Wave devices.
  • Avoid any concrete walls between the Gateway and any devices. 
  • Do not place the gateway inside of any metal enclosures.
  • Install your Gateway on the wall with the power cord pointed down. Gateways laying down tend to have a poorer connection.

  • At any time, if you wish to no longer utilize a Z-wave device, unpair the devices from associations to reduce potential delays.
  • To improve the connection, install repeaters or utilize other devices in the network as repeaters. In general, there are two types of Z-Wave devices: those that grow your network and those that don't. The majority of battery powered Z-Wave devices like door locks, sensors, and even some thermostats do not repeat a Z-Wave signal. A home full of battery powered Z-Wave devices will not produce a strong Z-Wave network. A great middle ground are light switches, Z-Wave bulbs, plug-in modules and even stand-alone Z-Wave signal repeaters that are spread out strategically, covering your entire home. Thermostats will only act as repeaters if they were connected while running on AC power from the HVAC. If you just popped in batteries and held it next to the panel, the thermostat will not help strengthen your Z Wave network.
  • Your Gateway should have a stable connection to your network. When possible, wire your Gateway using an ethernet cable to provide network stability. 

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