Issuing a Physical Credential


Physical credentials are one method in which Users can gain access into a space. They can come in various forms such as a card, or a fob, and have different formats programmed on them.


To issue credentials to a User, the following Administrator permissions are required:

  • View users
  • Assign user credentials

Steps to issue a Physical Credential

  1. Head over to the Users page.
  1. Select a User.
  1. Click on the Credentials button on the side navigation or scroll down to the Credentials section.
  1. Click the Assign Credential button
  2. Click Card
  3. Search by Card number or select one from the list
  4. Click the Assign button.
  1. Change the time frame when this credential is active by editing Effective Date and Time Range
  1. Click Assign Credential
  2. Click Save Changes to complete the process

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