Using the Occupancy Dashboard

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Using the Occupancy Dashboard

  1. On the left navigation bar, navigate to the Occupancy Management tab and select Occupancy Dashboard from the dropdown.
  1. Once you are on the Occupancy Management page, you will see all configured sites. If no sites have been configured, you will see a No configured sites yet message.
  2. Each site displays as a card, showing its name, the number of credential holders on site as a portion of the maximum number of credential holders allowed on site, and the option to view the credential holders by overview (showing the total in the middle) or by user list, showing each credential holder and when they last entered the site. As the number of credential holders increases towards the listed maximum, a bar will appear on the card initially displaying green, but will turn yellow as occupancy increases until it turns red as it nears maximum occupancy.
    NOTE: For accounts that use In and Out readers, Occupancy Management only utilizes data from In readers when calculating a user’s arrival time. Out readers are excluded and their activity will not be displayed on the dashboard.
  1. Note that authorized credential holders will NOT be denied access if the maximum occupancy is exceeded. The Occupancy Dashboard is solely a tracking tool and does not control or restrict access.

For a walkthrough of this feature, please watch the video below.

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