Creating an Access Command

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The Brivo Access Commands feature will allow Credential Users the ability to trigger a relay based on actions they take with their Credential at a door. The Command will monitor the state of an auxiliary input and trigger an output relay as long as all of the parameters configured are met.


Are there any permissions an admin needs? Panel requirements? etc.

  • Brivo ACS6000 or ACS300 controller on firmware 6.2.3 or higher
  • A Brivo Access Professional or Enterprise edition account
  • A Brivo Access Administrator must have the following permissions (at a minimum) :
    • View Commands
    • Create Commands

Steps to Create an Access Command

  1. Navigate to Commands on the left navigation bar under the Configuration menu.
  2. On the Commands page, click the Create New Command button.
  3. Provide a name for this Command.
    1. This name will be displayed on the Commands list page, Brivo Mobile Pass and the Brivo Access Devices page.
  4. Provide a description.
    1. This is a place for notes. For example, what will this Command do?
  5. Choose a schedule.
    1. The Command can be triggered during the active blocks of the schedule chosen.
  1. Choose a triggering action.
    1. The triggering action is how the Credential User will trigger the Command, either by single swipe or double swipe. Brivo Mobile Pass will also trigger these Commands, even if double swipe is set.
  2. Enter in a swipe timeout (in seconds).
    1. Particularly for a multiple swipe trigger, this is the time in which the swipes must be completed.
  1. Choose a site.
    1. This is the site where this command will be triggered.
  2. Choose a controller.
    1. This is the controller used to trigger the command.
  3. Choose a board.
    1. This is the board on which the command will be triggered.
  1. Choose a door or a set of doors.
    1. The Credential User(s) will use the triggering action at the reader(s) on the door(s) selected to trigger this command.
  2. Choose an output Relay.
    1. This is the output relay on the controller or board configured that will change state after the command is triggered.
  3. Select an Input Relay.
    1. This is the input relay which will monitor for the desired input state. This relay is created within the Brivo Account Configuration Tool.
  1. Choose an input relay state.
    1. This is the input state which will be monitored to ensure that the command is triggered.
  2. Insert an output delay (if desired).
    1. The output delay is the delay in which the output will triggered if the command's requirements are met. For example, this can be used so a command does not set off any alarm if a door closed slowly.
  1. Assign a group or multiple groups.
    1. A Credential User must have valid access permissions to the door and be in the group associated with the Access Command to be able to trigger a command.
  1. Click the Create Command button to complete the process.

For a walkthrough of this process, please watch the How-To video below.

How-to Video

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