Issuing a PIN Code to a User


A PIN code is a form of credential that can be generated for a User to gain access to a space. PIN codes can be 4-8 digits in length and can only be used on keypad readers.


  • A compatible keypad reader installed at the door.
  • To issue a PIN to a User, the following Administrator permissions are required
    • View users
    • Assign user credentials

PIN Requirements

PINs must follow these requirements:

  • PINs can be 4-8 digits long
  • PINs cannot be a series of the same number. For example 1111, 22222, etc
  • PINs cannot be in a series of succession. For example, 1234, 4567, etc
  • PINs cannot be 2468

Steps To Issue a PIN Code To a User

  1. Navigate to the Users page.
  1. Navigate to the User you wish to issue the PIN code.
  1. Click on the Credentials button.
  2. Click the Assign Another Credential button.
  3. Click PIN.
  4. You can choose to have the system auto generate a PIN by selecting the Length (4 thru 8 digits) and selecting "Generate PIN" button. Alternatively you can also enter a custom PIN in the "PIN" box.
  1. You can choose to set an "Effective from/to" date utilizing the Calendar and Clock buttons.
  1. Click Save Changes on the bottom right side of the page.

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