Enabling COVID-19 Self Screening


Turning on COVID-19 Screening ensures that your Brivo Mobile Pass (BMP) holders answer a questionnaire before they are able to open a door.


  • A User must have a valid BMP credential and the BMP application installed on their mobile device.
  • To enable the Self Screening feature, the following Administrator permissions:
    • View account settings
    • Update account settings

Steps to activating COVID-19 Self Screening

  1. Navigate to the Site Settings page under Configuration.
  1. COVID-19 Self Screening is configured by Site.
  2. Select your Site and click the Enabled button to Enable COVID-19 Self Screening for that Site, alternatively you can click the Disabled button to Disable COVID-19 Self Screening for that Site.
  1. Once Enabled the user will be asked to to agree to a facility safety screening on their mobile device when they attempt to enter their first door of the day with BMP, once agreed they can open doors within their group level freely for the rest of the work day. Self-Screening will reset at Midnight to ensure the user will need to agree to the Self Screening at the start of the next day.

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