Rent Manager Integration

Rent Manager Integration

  1. Contact Brivo Smart Home customer success and be prepared to provide them with the following information from your Rent Manager account:
    1. Corp ID
    2. Workorders Enabled
    3. Alternate ID (If Applicable)
  2. If the information provided is correct, customer support will set up and confirm a successful integration. Successful integrations can also be identified from the Details tab for the property. If the integration was successful the integration type will be listed. Once the initial integration is setup, properties can now be synced.
  3. To sync properties navigate to the Properties tab of the left and select the the unit for which the integration needs to be initiated.
  4. Once on the unit management page select the Details tab and the Edit Details button.
  5. Locate the property ID in Rent Manager and copy the ID into the Alternate ID field.
  6. Click Save on the bottom of the page to confirm the unit sync.

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