Brivo Smart Home/Brivo Access Integration

Brivo Smart Home/Brivo Access Integration

The Brivo Smart Apartment and Brivo Access integration is used to connect your Brivo common doors with your Smart Home resident doors in one easy-to-use platform. Below is a step-by-step guide for dealers to activate the integration.

  1. Create a new Brivo Smart Home (BSH) Senior Administrator in Brivo Access (BA). This administrator will show up in the Brivo Access Journal when the changes are made.
    1. This should be a distinguishable Administrator name (Example: BSHadmin) so it is easy to recognize with the journal logs.
    2. This email should be unique from other emails already added in Brivo Access.
  2. Create door groups in Brivo Access for any general entry doors that will be used by BSH residents. Example: Resident Access.
  3. Go to the BSH portal ( and log into your dealer account. Navigate to your company page to which you want to add the integration.
  4. Click the Add Integration + button in the top right corner.
  5. Add the previously created BSH admin Username, Password (used to login to Brivo Access) and Customer Account ID (number) of the Account. This is found on the home tab in Brivo Account Configuration (formerly Brivo Onair).
  6. If successful, when you press Sign In, it will change to the Done button. Press that button to go back to the Smart Home portal.
  7. In each separate unit of the property, go to the details tab and press the Edit Details button. Under the Property Integration, select the proper door grouping you previously created that is required for that unit. Navigate back to the unit where you will now see the new common door device cards that have been added.
  8. Add users (residents/guests) in BSH to the specific unit to verify the integration. Check that the user was added to Brivo Access and that a Brivo Mobile Pass (BMP) was assigned to the user. Please note that you must include an email address when adding a resident into the BSH portal into order to provision a BMP to the resident.

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