Applying a Schedule to an Elevators & Floors

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Schedules can be applied to elevators and floors. There are three types - Unlock, Two Factor or Card Required.

  • Door Unlock - the floor will be unlocked and allows for anyone to press the floor button in the elevator. This is the only option for a floor.
  • Two Factor - a Credential User is required to present both a card swipe and a PIN to access their floor.
  • Card Required - only card swipes are allowed at the reader to access a floor. Generally used with keypad readers.


The following Administrator permissions are required:

  • View Devices
  • Set Schedule

The minimum panel firmware required to apply schedules to doors is 5.0.16 or higher.

Credential Users must have group permissions to floors in order to gain access to them.

Steps to Apply a Schedule on an Elevator

  1. Applying a Schedule to an Elevator
    1. Head over to the Devices page.
    2. Choose an elevator.
    3. Click on the Add Schedule button.
    4. Choose a schedule.
    5. Choose the schedule action - Card Required, or Two Factor
    1. Click Save.
    2. To remove a schedule from a door, click the remove icon.
  2. Applying a schedule to a floor
    1. Head over to the Devices page.
    2. Choose an elevator.
    3. Choose a floor from the dropdown.
    1. Choose a schedule
    2. Click Save

Using the Devices Page in Access

Applying a Schedule to a Door in Access

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