Expire Unused Credential

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This feature will expire credentials that have not been used in a certain number of days. An administrator has the ability to set an expiry day limit for unused credentials across the entire account from 5 to 365 days.


  1. Brivo Access Professional Edition or Brivo Access Enterprise Edition
  2. An administrator must have the following permission to use this feature:
  • Update Account Settings

Steps to Expire Unused Credentials

  1. To start, navigate to the Account Settings page under the Configuration menu.
  2. Navigate to the Expire Credentials section.
  3. By default No expiration is set.  Choose a pre-defined expiry time or choose custom to input a number between 5 and 365 days.
  1. Once done, click the Save Changes button.
  2. When a credential that has not been used reaches the expiry period, the credential will be considered expired by applying a date to that specific credential's Effective to field in the User's profile.
  3. To reinstate an expired credential, simply remove the Effective to date & time set for that particular credential under a User's profile.

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