How to Sync Residents in your Entrata integration

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How to Sync Residents in your Entrata integration

Your Entrata integration must be enabled and you must have verified your credentials as well as synced existing and created new units before performing this step.

  1. Log into your Brivo Smart Home account.
  2. On the left navigation bar, click on Integrations. The Integrations page displays.
  3. Under the Enabled Integrations section, click on Entrata. The Entrata Integration Details page displays.
  1. Scroll down to see the Unit Mapping section.
  1. The Sync Residents function happens automatically every hour, but if you want to run it manually, click on the Sync Residents button. Once completed successfully, a Resident Sync Success message will appear at the top of the Unit Mapping section and the Last Sync will display the date and time of the last successful sync attempt.
  1. To confirm your Sync Residents worked, click on Properties in the left navigation bar. This will display all current units synced to your Brivo Smart Home Account. Select the specific unit you want to view and click on the Users tab in the header. The current residents with their details will display.

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