Initiating a Lockdown

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  1. Near the bottom of the left navigation bar, click on the Activate Lockdown button.
  2. Once you are on the Lockdown page, you will see a big red Initiate Lockdown button.
  3. If you have selected a certain Lockdown Scenario as your default, it will be displayed in the Select Scenario dropdown menu. If you have not, Full Lockdown will appear. All Brivo Access accounts with the Lockdown feature have a default Lockdown Scenario called Full Lockdown in place when the account is created. This default scenario locks all doors at the site when initiated.
  1. If there are currently any active Lockdown Scenarios, you will see them displayed in the Active Lockdown(s) column.
  2. To activate Lockdown, click the big red Initiate Lockdown button.

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