Getting Started with Lockdown

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Accounts with legacy hardware can continue to utilize legacy group-based lockout in Brivo Access. While this does not provide true lockdown functionality, it will provide some protection during an emergency situation.

To learn more about Lockdown and other benefits of upgrading your Brivo hardware, please contact your Brivo Sales Representative or

Lockdown is an important emergency response feature available in all Editions of Brivo Access. When a life threatening event occurs, Brivo Access can quickly lock all of your doors and prevent users from moving throughout the space. These Lockdown Scenarios can be initiated from Brivo Access or the Brivo Access Mobile App, and can even be configured to be triggered by hardwired devices installed throughout your space.

Quick Start Checklist

  1. Your account is eligible for Lockdown if all of the following are true:
    1. All panels on the account support Lockdown
    2. All panels on the account have the minimum required firmware version or later
    3. Brivo Access Standard, Professional, or Enterprise
  2. Create Lockdown Scenarios and Hardwired Lockdown Configurations that support your emergency response plan
  3. Configure your Administrators to ensure they have the proper permissions to manage Lockdowns
  4. Practice Activating a Lockdown Scenario and Clearing a Lockdown Scenario regularly as part of your Emergency Preparedness Activities

Hardware Requirements

To update your panel firmware, please contact Brivo Customer Care at 1.866.274.8648 or
Supported Panels
  • ACS100
  • ACS300
  • ACS6000 / ACS6100
  • Mercury LP1502
Minimum Panel Firmware
  • 6.1.0

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Lockdown require an additional subscription or fee?

No. Lockdown is available to all customers as part of their Brivo Access subscription.

How do I verify if Lockdown is enabled for my account?

To determine if Lockdown is enabled for you account, click the Activate Lockdown button in the navigation menu.

  • If Lockdown is enabled, you will see:
  • If Group-based Lockout is enabled, you will see:

Can I upgrade my account from using the legacy lockout feature to the door-based Lockdown feature?

If your account is now eligible for Lockdown, please contact Brivo Support at 1.866.274.8648 (866.BRIVO4U) or send an email to to enable Lockdown for your account.

Why is Lockdown not available if I have ACS5000 or IPDC panels on my account?

Lockdown requires additional computing capabilities that are not available on our older generations of hardware. Enabling Lockdown in an account with all legacy panels or a mixture of legacy and modern panels would result in doors being remaining insecure during a Lockdown. In order to ensure the safety of our customers and prevent unintended security vulnerabilities, Lockdown can only be enabled for accounts with all eligible panels.

How do I configure Lockdown to allow police and first responders to access my facility?

Brivo Access allows individual groups to be excluded from Lockdown. This setting should be used very carefully and only enabled for groups that will be actively engaged in emergency response, such as dedicated credentials for police. Any groups with this setting enabled will be able to continue unlocking doors and bypass all of the protections of Lockdown.

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