Managing Report Jobs

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Managing Report Jobs

  1. On the left navigation bar, navigate to the Reports tab and select Report Jobs.
  2. Once you are on the Report Jobs page, you will see a list of current jobs broken out by Job ID, Report NameTime, StatusOutput, and Delete.
  3. If a Report Job is in process, the Status will display Scheduled. When a report is ready, Status will display Complete.
  4. Clicking on the Job ID will give you details on this specific job.
  5. Clicking on the Output icon will download the report in the format chosen in the Report Configuration (CSV, HTML, PDF, or ZIP).

Note: Each Brivo account has a series of reporting memory limits. When a report job is generated (either manually or scheduled), the output is saved to the account.

  • When running a report manually, an administrator cannot run more than 2 MB worth of reports.
  • When running a scheduled report, an administrator cannot run more than 100 MB worth of reports.

This memory limit restricts the number of reports a specific administrator can run in an account. An administrator will be notified that their reporting memory limit has been reached and will need to delete previous reports in order to fall under their reporting memory limit.

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