Creating an Administrator

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An administrator is any person who is able to log into a Brivo Access account. Roles and permissions restrict the actions an Admin can and cannot perform in an account.


To create, edit or delete Administrators you must have the following permissions depending on the actions that are needed to be performed:

  • View Administrators
  • Create Administrators
  • Edit administrator assignments
  • Edit administrator profiles
  • Edit administrator roles
  • Delete administrator

Steps to Creating an Administrator

  1. Navigate to the Administrators tab.
  1. Click on the Create Admin button.
  1. Fill out the administrator’s profile with the following information:
    1. Full name
    2. Email
    3. Phone number
  1. Add a permission role. Multiple can be added to an Admin.
  2. Select assignments - the Admin will be able to perform functions based on their permissions on these assignments 
  3. Click the Create Admin button to complete the process.

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