Enabling Eagle Eye Integration

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Administrators can now integrate Eagle Eye cameras directly in Brivo Access. This integration uses the latest V3 API, allowing quicker integration and improved functionality.


  • Administrators can import all cameras with names from an active Eagle Eye account
  • Assign cameras to sites
  • Preview camera images & rename cameras
  • Associate cameras with doors


An Eagle Eye account, email address, and password are required for integration.

Integrating Eagle Eye into Brivo Access

  1. You can just navigate to the integration library under Account Configuration.
  2. Click on the Eagle Eye integration and click Enable.
  3. Click Authenticate and enter your email address and password on the Eagle Eye website.
  4. Click Configure Cameras after the Eagle Eye website page closes.
  1. Click Configure from the video configuration page to open the camera wizard. You can reopen it at any time to assign cameras to sites, rename devices, or associate them.
    1. Select the cameras to assign to sites, select the site from the drop-down, and click Assign Site.
    2. Check the Hide Assigned Cameras and continue assigning the remaining cameras to sites, then click next.
    3. The rename camera page provides an image of the camera view and allows you to update the name of any camera. Click on the image of a camera, type a new name if desired, and click Next.
    4. The associate devices page allows you to select doors or devices to associate with cameras so that you can view camera footage associated with events. Click on each device drop-down, select the doors/devices you want associated with each camera, and then click save.

Finally, you can view the video in the Video tab in Brivo Access. Cameras that have been associated with doors will be viewable in Event Tracker.

Viewing Live Video

Viewing Recorded Video

Custom Video Layouts

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