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Data Explorer redefines the reporting experience by tracking key metrics from complex reports, enabling data-driven decisions, and empowering deep dives into physical access-related data.


Brivo Access Enterprise Edition

Brivo Default Views

Brivo has included three pre-configured views: Facility Manager, Executive Overview, and Data Explorer. By default, these views are shared with all administrators on the account. These three default views are set to public by default.

  • Facility Manager: contains many metrics, tables, and pivot tables related to facility management.
  • Executive Overview: contains many metrics, tables, and pivot tables related to reporting high-level metrics.
  • Data Explorer: the Data Explorer view contains all of the data tables available in version 1 of Data Explorer.
Site Filters

Select the sites from the site filter in the top right of the screen to quickly view the metrics of a specific site or multiple sites.

Public/Private Views
  • Public views are viewable and editable by all administrators.
  • Private views are viewable and editable only by you.
Visual Elements

KPI Tiles, Tables, and Pivot Tables are the available types of Visual Elements that can be added and removed from any view by selecting Edit View.

  • KPI Tiles: KPI tiles enable data-driven decision-making by extracting key metrics from reports and displaying the total number for today versus the daily average.
  • Tables: Tables can be added/removed from each view, enabling live sorting and filtering of data within Data Explorer. All data can be exported directly to a .csv file.
  • Pivot Tables: Pivot Tables provide an interactive way to summarize and calculate fields on large amounts of data.

For a walkthrough of this process, you can watch the How-To video below.

How-to Video

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