Exporting User Information

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What is the Export User Report?

The Brivo Access Export User report provides a way for an Access administrator to export both the list of Users in the account along with their corresponding User photos.

What does an Admin need to perform this?

An Administrator will need the following permission:

  • View Users

How do you run this report?

  1. Find your way to the Users list page.
  2. Click on the Export Users button.
  3. The Export User report will be listed on the Reports Jobs page with a status of "scheduled."
  1. Refresh the page and the report job will be completed.
  2. Click the output icon to begin a .zip file download
    1. You will find two folders labeled CSV and Pictures in the download.
    2. The CSV file includes a list of all User's names and their custom fields.
    3. The pictures file includes all user images.

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