How to Configure a Global Lockdown

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How to Configure a Global Lockdown


Allow someone who is onsite the ability to utilize a hardwired device and that will lockdown doors across a site.  A single device can trigger a lockdown scenario which can contain any doors on the account. 


  • Supported Brivo controllers:
    • Brivo ACS300
    • Brivo ACS6100
    • Brivo ACS100
    • Brivo Single Door Controller
    • Mercury
  • Brivo firmware 6.2.4 or later

Steps to Configure a Lockdown Scenario 

  1. Navigate to the Configuration menu
  2. Click on Emergency Scenarios

  1. Click the Create Scenario button
  1. Name the scenario
  1. Choose lockdown as scenario type
  1. Choose the hardwired triggers that will initiate the lockdown
  2. NOTE: These are input switch devices that are created in the Brivo Account Configuration Tool
  1. Choose the doors to lockdown
  1. Choose whether this scenario will be the default for lockdown

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