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Professional or Enterprise Edition customers can choose how long to keep event data. Retention policies can now be set within Brivo Access that align with local, state, or federal laws and meet industry regulations and your specific business needs. Once the data retention period is chosen, there is a seven-day grace period before data gets deleted. Nightly periodic jobs are run after you set your retention policy to make sure that only the event data within the specified period is retained. Once the specified period is over, all event data is deleted.


Variable Data Retention requires the Professional or Enterprise Edition of Brivo Access. Before implementing this feature, please make sure your documented data retention policy meets local regulations. 5000 series panels are not supported & groups must be created and managed in Brivo Access; the account configuration tool does not support this feature.

  1. On the left navigation bar, go to the Configuration tab, select Account Settings, and then select Event Data Retention.
  2. Select the 1 Year, 2 Year, or 3 Year option from the drop-down and click Save.
    1. If more granularity is needed, select Custom and input the specific days you want to retain data.There is a seven-day grace period after saving the setting. After the grace period passes, periodic jobs will run nightly, deleting event data after the set period. This action cannot be undone.
  3. When the 7-day grace period is complete, the following actions will take place:
    1. All user activity data and camera events will be permanently deleted after designated period.
    2. All previously deleted user profiles will be permanently removed.
    3. Journal events remain unaffected.

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