Clearing a Lockdown Scenario

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Lockdown is an important emergency response feature available in all Editions of Brivo Access. When a life threatening event occurs, Brivo Access can quickly lock all of your doors and prevent users from moving throughout the space. These Lockdown Scenarios can be cleared in bulk or on an individual basis from Brivo Access.


To clear a lockdown scenario an Administrator must have the following permission:

  • Clear Lockdown Scenario

Steps to Clear a Lockdown Scenario

  1. Navigate to the Lockdown page. This can be accomplished in two ways:
    1. Click red View Active Lockdowns button in the nav bar
    2. Click Review from the red Lockdown banner
  2. On the Lockdown page there are two options to clear a lockdown scenario
    1. Click the blue Clear All Lockdowns button to clear all active scenarios
    1. Select a scenario from the dropdown and click the Clear Selected Lockdown button to clear that specific scenario

Creating a Lockdown Scenario in Access

Initiating a Lockdown

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