Managing Custom Fields

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Managing Custom Fields


Custom fields store optional information about a user, such as parking space assignment or cell phone number. Features of this page include:

  • Reordering of fields on the list page by dragging and dropping
  • Filtering of the list page by name or field type
  • Three types of fields - date, text, number


An administrator must have the following permissions:

  • Configure custom fields permission to be able to create, edit or delete custom fields.
  • Edit User Profile to be able to enter data for a particular User's custom fields

Steps to Create a Custom Field

  1. On the left navigation bar, navigate to the Configuration tab and select Custom Fields.
  1. Click the Create Custom Field button.
  2. Enter a descriptive name.
  3. From the dropdown list choose a field type - text, number or date.
  1. If you are creating a date type custom field, please choose one of the supported date formats displayed in the date format dropdown. 
  1. Choose a display order position indicating where this custom field should appear in the list of fields.
  2. Click the Save button.

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