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Mindbody integration requires an active Brivo API subscription and Mindbody integration activated in Brivo Access. For more information, please contact your Brivo Reseller or Brivo Sales Representative.

About the Integration

Brivo has integrated with Mindbody, a leader in health and wellness management software, to sync users and issue Brivo Mobile Passes based on membership enrollments. Enabling this integration eliminates manual data entry and streamlines onboarding for new gym members. Brivo customers can use the Brivo/Mindbody integration to automatically:

  • Sync new and existing members from Mindbody to Brivo Access
  • Assign access privileges based on current membership information
  • Customize the mapping of Mindbody membership tiers to Brivo user groups to ensure all members have access to the right spaces at the right times
  • Generate Brivo Mobile Passes automatically for each new member to provide easy mobile entry to the gym. Requires Brivo Mobile Pass Subscription
  • Update and remove access privileges automatically when an individual's membership changes or is terminated.

Activating the Mindbody Integration

  1. Create a new API application for the Mindbody connection
    Application Name: Mindbody
    Description: Mindbody integration
    Authentication Type: Password
  2. Click the blue i icon to display the new API application details
  3. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret for use later
  4. In a new tab, log into your Mindbody account and copy the Site ID for use later
  5. Select the Integrations link from the navigation menu
  6. Enter your Mindbody Site ID (see Step 4) and click Generate Activation Link
  7. Click Log Into Mindbody to link your Brivo and Mindbody accounts.
    NOTE: A new tab will open indicating you have successfully linked Brivo and Mindbody. You may be prompted to log in if you do not have an active Mindbody session from Step 4.
  8. Close the Mindbody tab to return to Brivo Access
  9. Enter your Client ID and Client Secret created in Steps 1-3 and your Brivo Password. Click Save to activate the integration.
  10. Configure the mapping for Mindbody Membership -> Brivo Access Groups. Once this configuration is saved, Mindbody members will automatically be assigned to the groups that correspond to their active membership.
  11. Brivo Access will perform an initial sync to map existing Brivo users to matching Mindbody members and create new Brivo users for existing Mindbody members that do not exist in Brivo Access. If you have a Brivo Mobile Pass subscription, newly created Brivo members will also receive a Brivo Mobile Pass invitation.

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