Managing Unknown Cards

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The Unknown Cards feature allows an administrator to view credentials that were swiped at a reader but have not been added to the system. Administrators can use this page to troubleshoot issues with credentials and reader or to perform a Swipe-to-Enroll.

What does an Admin need?

To use the Unknown Cards page, this Administrator permission is required:

  • View unknown cards

Steps to Managing the Unknown Cards Page

  1. Head over to the Credentials section and select Unknown Cards.
  1. You will see a list of unknown cards. If the list is empty, your account has no unknown cards.
  2. The list will show the time and date, the site, and the door where the unknown card was used. It will also show the hex value received and the bit length of the unknown card. If you want to delete this entry, click on the delete button on that row.
  3. Clicking on the View button will give you the ability to add this card to the Card List if you want.
  1. The Card Format dropdown will provide card format options based on the hex value received from the card read. A format will display if it is supported by Brivo Access along with an unknown format option.
  2. If you choose a supported format from the list, a calculated card number will display.
    1. The card will appear in the Card List with the preselected number and format.
  3. If you choose the unknown card format from the list, the card will appear as unknown along with the number you chose.

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