Installing a Gateway

Installing a Gateway

  1. Identify the location where the Gateway will be installed. The ideal location is hidden from view in close proximity to the z-wave devices.
  2. Test the signal by plugging the gateway into an electrical socket and holding the gateway where it will be approximately installed. Remove the front plate of the gateway, here you will be able to see if the system is working correctly from the lights on the circuit board. The things to look for are:
    1. If the red/orange light is on – then the gateway is receiving power from the electrical outlet.
    2. If the green light is on or blinking – then the system software is running.
  3. From the Brivo Smart Home portal, select the property where the device to to be added. Click here to learn how to add a property.
  4. From the desired property select the Add/Remove Device button.
  5. From the Add/Select Gateway screen, enter the Gateway serial number located on the sticker on the outside of the unit.
  6. Verify that the Gateway is not plugged into a switched outlet and the the LED is solid green, check the associated boxes and click Test Cell Strength.
  7. If the cell strength is satisfactory, a success notification will be shown.
  8. Once the Gateways is successfully connected, remove the Gateway from the electrical outlet and remove the screw from the outlet plate cover.
  9. Use the new screw provided and run it through the clip in the power adapter into the outlet cover to the power source to secure the device.
  10. With the case opened, mount the Gateway by drywall screw through the mounting holes, or adhering command strips to the back of the Gateway to the way.
  11. Place the lid back on the Gateway to complete the install.

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