Brivo Wallet Pass Provisioning with Identity Connector for Azure Active Directory

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Brivo's Identity Connector integration with Azure AD allows users to provision Brivo Wallet Passes to users synced to Brivo Access via Azure.


Before you begin, ensure that you have the following required elements:

  • An active Azure account
  • An active Brivo Access account with an Identity Connector subscription.
  • A configured Azure integration in Brivo Access.
  • Brivo Mobile Passes available to issue.
  • Brivo Wallet Passes available to issue.

To issue Brivo Wallet Passes from Azure, a custom attribute will need to be added to be passed to Brivo with each user.

The attribute will be a boolean(true or false) value. If the value is true, a new Brivo Wallet Pass will be issued to the user if they do not have an existing Brivo Wallet Pass. If the value is false, an existing pass will be revoked. If the value is null no change will be made.

NOTE: In order for a user to be issued a pass, the Brivo account must have available passes. The user must already have a Brivo Mobile Pass. If they do not, one can be provisioned via Azure, or a Brivo Wallet Pass will not be issued.

Create the Brivo Wallet Pass attribute

  1. Create a new BrivoWalletPass attribute the same way you would add any other custom attribute to Azure Active Directory. Make sure this attribute is set to a boolean value. Consult your Azure Active Directory guide if you need assistance with this step.

Edit the attribute mapping

  1. Navigate to

NOTE: If you skip step 1, you will not be able to move past step 6.

  1. Click on the Microsoft Entra ID link, then on the Enterprise Applications link.
  2. Under All Applications, search for your Brivo application and select it.
  1. Click on Provisioning and then Edit attribute mappings.
  1. Under Mappings, select Provision Azure Active Directory Users.
  1. Check the Show advanced options checkbox, then click the Edit attribute list for Brivo Onair link.

NOTE: If you don't see this link, go to the URL in step 1 and navigate back to the Attribute Mapping page.

  1. Enter brivoWalletPass in the name column.

NOTE: It is required that the spacing and capitalization of brivoWalletPass match exactly.

  1. Change the Type to boolean.
  1. Save changes.

Map the Brivo Wallet Pass Attribute

  1. On the Attribute Mapping page, click on Add New Mapping.
  1. Select your BrivoWalletPass attribute for the Source Attribute.

NOTE: You can also use any boolean attribute if you did not create a BrivoWalletPass attribute.

  1. Select the brivoWalletPass attribute for the Target Attribute.
  1. Click OK and save changes.

When the Brivo Wallet Pass value is set to true, if provisioned users don't already have an assigned Brivo Wallet Pass, one will be issued. If the Brivo Wallet Pass value is set to false, assigned passes will be revoked from users upon the next sync.

Troubleshoot Brivo Wallet Pass Provisioning

  1. Make sure the users already have a Brivo Mobile Pass assigned or change their BMP value to TRUE in Azure. Users are required to have a Brivo Mobile Pass to receive a Brivo Wallet Pass.
  2. Confirm with your reseller that a TCI value has been set to use Brivo Wallet Passes on your account. If they have not set this value, Brivo Wallet Passes cannot be issued.

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