Applying a Schedule to a Door

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There are three types of schedules that can be applied to doors associated with an Access account - Unlock, Two Factor and Card Required.

  • Door Unlock - when this schedule is applied, the door is unlocked and allows for free ingress through the door.
  • Two Factor - when this schedule is applied, a Credential User is required to present both a card swipe and a PIN to unlock the door.
  • Card Required - when this schedule is applied, only card swipes are allowed at the reader to unlock the door. Generally used with keypad readers.


To apply schedules to a door an Administrator is required to have the following permissions:

  • View Devices
  • Set Schedule

The minimum panel firmware required to apply schedules to doors is 5.0.16 or higher.

Steps to Apply a Schedule on a Door

  1. Navigate to the Devices page.
  2. Click on the door in which you want to apply a schedule on.
  3. Click on the Add Schedule button at the bottom of the pop up.
  4. Choose a schedule.
  5. Choose the action in which you want this schedule applied to - Unlock, Card Required, Two Factor.
  1. Click Save.
  2. To remove a schedule from a door, simply click the remove icon on the right of the schedule listed.

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