Brivo Door Station Release Notes

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Brivo Door Station Release Notes

May 2024

Firmware Version 1.0.2

What's New?

-Improved user experience default settings for liveness after anti-spoofing updates were applied.

-Increased microphone input level.

-Facial recognition configuration values added to WebUI for overexposure.

-Support for deployment in the EU.

-Broader timezone support for IANA 2023c timezones.


-Resource leak in Videod/KVS libraries resolved.

-Other minor bug fixes and system improvements.

March 2024

Firmware Version 1.0.1

This release implemented initial Video Intercom & AWS IoT provisioning capabilities and version 5 of the Paravision SDK.

What's New?

-Brivo Door Station can initiate a video intercom call.

-Improvements to 2-way intercom communication.

-Successful integration of the Paravision software developer kit version 5.0.


-Fixed an issue where BDS was not reporting the correct firmware version over OSDP.

-The Brivo Door Station can now accept longer JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

January 2024

Firmware Version 1.0.0

This release implemented Sercomm requested changes and disabled audio in video clips. The requested changes were for device reliability and to assist with production processes.

What's New?

- BDS is able to set static IP from WebUI

- BDS video clips do not include audio data

- Updates to improve production processes and hardware reliability

Firmware Version 0.0.7

What's New?

GA Improvements for updating faceprints, reliability, and managing server calls

- Firmware upgrade reporting updates

- Improve manufacturing processes and factory default operation


- Fixed an issue where NFCD occasionally locks up

- Updates to resolve errors with faceprint recognition

November 2023

Firmware Version 0.0.6

The BDS 0.0.6 firmware release supports the production run by provisioning without a panel, and the details are noted below.

What's New?

- Facial Recognition updated SDK FRAME_RATIO and adjusted algorithm to prevent substitution attack

- Updated Device Status for GA

- Firmware Upgrade Event Support

- Logging: BDS follows Panel Log Period, Facial Recognition Metrics stored to BDS Data Dump

- Adjusted LED colors and Buzzer level, removed unused WebUI pages

- Improvements for Token Management and NFCD reliability

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