Issuing a Brivo Mobile Pass


Employees and residents can use their mobile device as a key to open doors without friction by using our Brivo Mobile Pass. Manage one access credential for multiple facilities and building amenities.

Steps to Issue a Brivo Mobile Pass

  1. On the left navigation bar, navigate to the Users tab under the Users menu.
  1. Find the User to whom you would like to assign a Brivo Mobile Pass. The User list can be filtered by Name, Status or Group.
  2. Click on the User's name.
  3. Under the Profile section, ensure the User has an email address added to their profile.
  1. Click on Credentials on the left navigation menu to jump to the Credentials section.
  1. Click on the Assign Credential button at the bottom of the Credentials section.
  2. Click on Mobile Pass
  3. Ensure the proper email address is selected, and choose the language for the Mobile Pass invite to be sent in
  4. Click the Assign Credential button.

  1. Click Save Changes on the bottom right corner of the page to complete the process.

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