Introduction to Data Explorer

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Introduction to Data Explorer

Data Explorer is a powerful tool available in the Enterprise edition of Brivo Access. It enables property managers to utilize the data in Brivo Access to see how buildings and spaces are used.

Here are a few of the popular use cases of Data Explorer by Data Source:

Administrators & Roles

  • Create lists of roles assigned to administrators
  • Create graphs of usage by administrator

All Activity

  • Create graphs of events by site or location
  • Create heat maps of high traffic areas and locations


  • Create lists of new credentials issued
  • Create graphs of credential types
  • View a breakdown of card types for migrating employees to more secure tokens
  • Suspended Users
  • Failed Access

Doors & Sites

  • Create lists of sites, doors, locks, or elevators
  • Create a list of hardware by site and serial numbers for warranty purposes

Recent Activity

  • Create a rolling list of recent activity
  • Create graphs of recent events
  • Add filters to view specific event types
  • Use Packed Bubbles to view recent users
  • Create a live graph of Activity by Site

Users & Groups

  • Create list views of groups assigned to users
  • Create graphs of Users by Group
  • View groups that have been created, when they were created, and how many Users by Group
  • Create lists and graphs of Users by Department

The following visual types are available in Data Explorer:

  • Bars
  • Bars: Multiple Metrics
  • Donut
  • Floating Bubbles
  • Heat Map
  • KPI
  • Line & Bars Trend
  • Line Trend: Attribute Values
  • Line Trend: Multiple Metrics
  • Map: Markers
  • Map: US Regions
  • Map World Countries
  • Packed Bubbles
  • Pie
  • Pivot Table
  • Raw Data Table
  • Tree Map
  • Word Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Data Explorer require an additional subscription or fee?

Data Explorer is included only with the Enterprise edition of Brivo Access.

I have the Enterprise edition of Brivo Access but don't see it in the menu.

Please contact Brivo Support at 1.866.274.8648 (866.BRIVO4U) or send an email to to enable Data Explorer for your account.

How do I verify if Data Explorer is enabled for my account?

Data Explorer will be located in the menu bar under "Global Access" of

  • If Data Explorer is enabled, you will see:

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